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Nothing Says the Holidays Like Tamales

Nothing Says the Holidays Like Tamales
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Prepare for holiday tamales by enjoying Grassroots’ Tamale Lunch Fiesta, December 19th-20th. After savoring one or all five of Grassroots’  homemade tamales, make sure to put in a holiday order. Unsurprisingly, Grassroots’ tamales are made with certified GMO-free and organic U.S.A. corn. They’re also advertised as being antibiotic-free, hormone-free, lard-free, and gluten-free, which will satisfy […]

Tamale Lunch

Tamale Lunch

Grassroots Natural Market & Kitchen in South Pasadena is having its annual Tamale Lunch on Friday and Saturday, December 20th and 21st. Chicken, pork, vegan jackfruit, green chile cheese, and sweet corn cheese tamales will have been made, filled, steamed, and ready to consume. Along with a tamale or two, hungry diners may choose from […]


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