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Toying with Science

Toying with Science
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Jan. 13, 2 p.m. Editor’s Note: We just received a phone call from Mary Herrera that the price for the evening show is not a flat $10, but $25 for kids and $10 for children. We were not (until now) on the Caltech media list and as such did not receive a press release for […]

Toying with Science at Caltech

Toying with Science at Caltech

If you ever wanted to be on Bill Nye the Science Guy‘s show but never got the chance, Garry Krinsky‘s upcoming performance at Caltech might be a fair approximation. Except with juggling, singing, dancing and, uh… mime (which I actually quite enjoy). The performance, called “Toying with Science,” looks to be a vaudeville-meets-science-lecture kind of […]


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