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Seed Bakery

Seed Bakery
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It all started with Joseph who was born in a barn. Next to a wheat field. Who grew up to mill whole grains, Ferment, And bake bread.   Though inexpertly poetic, the above intro is not entirely true┬╣, but it’s humorous, and we like funny. And we like good, lovingly made homemade bread. We actually […]

Baking with Grist & Toll

Baking with Grist & Toll

Natural leaven or commercial dried yeast? How does one naturally develop gluten? Dutch oven, baking stones, or an outdoor oven? Is the transition from white bread to whole grain painful? And, what in the world is “Autolyse”? Find the answer to all of these questions, and more, at Grist & Toll‘s new Bread Baking Series […]


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