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Mystery Lit Mash-Up

Mystery Lit Mash-Up

Unbound Productions likes interactive theater—Wicked Lit and History Lit—where the audience sits or stands feet, even inches from the action, able to feel the emotional energy, the very breath of the actors. Walking from here to there, from set to set, scene to scene. We loved the immediacy and immersion during HistoryLit, which held inside the […]

Surrogate Mothers, Outsourcing, Laughter

Surrogate Mothers, Outsourcing, Laughter

KPCC has a lot of good (in person, non-radio) programming, which we don’t mention as often as probably we should. In the name of guilt, then, we recommend this Sunday’s live staged reading of There or Here, a play by Jennifer Maisel in which a couple, as the title of this post oh so subtly […]


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