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Carnegie Observatories 2016 Lecture Series

Carnegie Observatories 2016 Lecture Series

Our friend Vicki Laidig informed us of a lecture series that is, in her opinion, out of this world—the Carnegie Observatories annual spring lecture series—which is free, open to the public, and begins on April 4. A bit of history we found fascinating (and addictive): In 1904, George Ellery Hale “seeking clearer skies than existed […]

Culinary Historians

Culinary Historians

They are “dedicated to pursuing food history and supporting culinary collections.” The Culinary Historians of Southern California was founded in 1995 as an affiliate of the Los Angeles Public Library. Today, 250 women and men—chefs, writers, academics, product purveyors, restaurateurs, as well as people in the fields of entertainment, business, and culture—”have fun learning about […]

Free Tuesday: Edible Landscaping

Free Tuesday:  Edible Landscaping

Here’s how she feels about plants: In a blog posting at Root Simple, Mrs. Homegrown, aka Kelly Coyne, is explaining how to deal with extremely root-bound plants—that is easily diagnosed when you take a plant out of its container and see more root than dirt. Coyne states that if gently pulling the roots apart does […]


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