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Digging Deeper at Kidspace

Digging Deeper at Kidspace
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Kids can take their first steps toward becoming apaleontologists by brushing though recycled SAFDEK to uncover plant and animal fossils. Children of all ages can try to identify fossils from an Albertosaurus, Archaeopteryx, or the ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex. Daily “Fossil Hunt” explorations teach kids how to identify different fossil types like Trace, Cast, and True Form […]

Tears of Amber

Tears of Amber

You want a good story, check out the Greek myths. The Greek word for amber is elektron, which means “formed by the sun.” As such, it is associated with the sun god Helios. According to myth, when Helios’ son Phaëton had a bit of a tantrum and insisted on driving his father’s sun chariot, which […]


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