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Hollywood East: Movie and TV Locations

Hollywood East: Movie and TV Locations
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Something is filming almost every day in Pasadena and environs, from a commercial to a big-budget feature film. See those hand-lettered cardboard signs taped to lampposts, with such cryptic messages as “Fish” or “Wagon”? That’s code for the crew, and the arrow on the sign is pointing toward the filming location. Here are some of […]

Lights, Camera, Altadena!

Lights, Camera, Altadena!

See those film and catering trucks lining the streets? It’s pilot season once again. Altadena has been the home of many famous film and television locations – from Beverly Hills, 90210 to Curb Your Enthusiam. With the increase in filming in Altadena, a minor glitch has been uncovered: how to keep Altadena “film-friendly?” Unlike neighboring […]


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