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Food Truck Tuesdays at Figueroa Produce

Food Truck Tuesdays at Figueroa Produce
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It’s a tired trope in food writing: the reluctance of the writer to describe publicly an unsullied treasure, when a great deal of what’s worth treasuring is the absence of other people. People ruin everything, you know. Somewhere, a dissertation is being written this very minute about the self-loathing incurred by discharging one’s duty, common […]

Figueroa Produce

Figueroa Produce

The buzz is building for a great newish neighborhood market in Highland Park, at the corner of York and Figueroa, just west of South Pas and south of Eagle Rock. With its clean graphics and open feel, Figueroa Produce stands out from its declassé neighbors (including an AutoZone and 99 Cent Store). The owners are […]


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