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50/50 – Annual Women of the World

50/50 – Annual Women of the World
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“March, march, be courageous. Fighting for our rights we may just start greatness for the ages.” (Lyrics from “Bad Romance:  Women’s Suffrage”) Our mission is to empower women as leaders and to transform the culture within which we live to one that naturally includes women on an equal basis in the selection of leaders. (50/50 […]

Dear Abby, Ellen & Fred

Dear Abby, Ellen & Fred

In honor of the 2nd officially recognized Fred Korematsu Day Pasadena and, in his words, to highlight that “even in times of crisis, we must guard against prejudice and keep uppermost our commitment to law and justice,” Ellen Snortland shares a camp story. Back in the 1970’s, I rented my home in McArthur Park to a […]


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