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Opera Animata Goes GOCAAP – Cxled

Opera Animata Goes GOCAAP – Cxled
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How does one preserve an art form that’s over 500 years old? How does one maintain the interest of current audiences and for modern sensibilities? What if the art form to be preserved is opera and the vehicle for restoring its popularity and significance in today’s world is an opera à la…a beauty pageant? Opera Animata made its […]

Bark for Life

Bark for Life

The day has gone to the dogs quite literally. On Sunday, March 30th, Library Park in Monrovia will be swarming with canines as they and their owners walk, eat, learn, laugh, and raise money to fight cancer. Humans and canines who are survivors of cancer, as well as therapy dogs will be honored with an […]


Flintridge Books

Colorado Street Bridge Party

Lyd and Mo Photography

Louis Jane Studios

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