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Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas

Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas
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“Being a Jane Austen Mystery,” I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy this derivative work by Stephanie Barron. Baron’s Jane, a character based on her historical counterpart, solves murder mysteries. (No zombies.) Barron has captured Austen’s tone, if not Austen herself, with early 19th century humor and genteel snark. The story takes place in an English country […]

Jane Austen Unscripted

Jane Austen Unscripted

Jane Austen wrote only six novels, but Impro Theatre allows Austen fans to consider what could have been. The company deftly creates a world of love-struck girls, brooding noblemen and charming cads, and although hearts are sure to be broken, true love will win out in the end. Members of the cast will perform in […]


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