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Milk Crafting, Bacon Curing & Vino

Milk Crafting, Bacon Curing & Vino
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The Institute of Domestic Technology may have the strangest of names, but the courses they offer run such the gamut—from learning how to make fresh chevre and curing your own bacon to preserving fruit and making artisanal bread—that your IRA or child’s college fund may have to take a considerable hit so that you may […]

Altadena Farmers’ Market Opens Big

Altadena Farmers’ Market Opens Big

There’s a new reason to knock off work early on Wednesdays. On May 30th, the long-awaited Altadena Certified Farmers Market made its debut at the south end of Loma Alta County Park, just off Lincoln Ave. on Palm St. in Altadena. The small, weekly market (about 30 vendors) has a prime location next to the Altadena Community […]


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