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San Marino School Board

San Marino School Board

We don’t cover hard news here at Hometown Pasadena—we’re all about the features. And so we don’t officially endorse anyone in elections. But I feel the need to unofficially sing the praises of our pal from pilates class, Lisa Link, who’s running for the San Marino Board of Education on Tuesday. For a couple of […]

Alhambra’s Elections Cancelled

Alhambra’s Elections Cancelled

Alhambra canceled its municipal elections for the first time recorded. No challengers chose to oppose the three incumbent City Council candidates and two School Board members, so they will automatically be reelected in November. While in the recent past candidates have run unopposed, never has an entire slate remained empty and led to the election being canceled. (Alhambra residents will still have the opportunity to vote for candidates running for county, state and federal offices and ballot measures.)


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