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Mystery History No. 23

Mystery History No. 23
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Where are we? What’s happening? In the photo to the right, with throngs of people watching, a Pyrex telescope disc 200 inches in diameter, weighing 20 tons and made by the Corning Glass Company, is offloaded from a rail car in Lamanda Park on April 10, 1936, so it can be transported by truck to the optical lab at Caltech. Because the disc was so […]

Mystery History No. 6

Mystery History No. 6

Where are we? And what’s happening? In this 1932 photo, Dr. E=mc2 himself, Albert Einstein, and his wife Elsa are given a huge send-off as they prepare to leave Pasadena after one of their sojourns here.     Here’s a more revealing shot: I did screen captures from a historic video that you’ll find here. In the early […]


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