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Talking ’bout the Budget

Talking ’bout the Budget

On Saturday, Pasadena will be one of 20 or so cities around the country to be centers for town hall discussions about the challenges of the American economy. These are being orchestrated by America Speaks, a 15-year-old, refreshingly nonpartisan organization committed to encouraging more grassroots, community participation in national governance. Not only is Pasadena the […]

The U.S. Economy in Crisis

The U.S. Economy in Crisis

Tell us something we don’t know. No, seriously, we’d love an explanation right about now. “What Happened? What Now? The U.S. Economy in Crisis” will try to provide the answers to your questions and analyze just what went wrong. Join All Saints Church and the Armory’s awesome series “Conscientious Projector” for a screening of Capitalism […]


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