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Setting an Example for Teens

Setting an Example for Teens
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One of the many things I learned in my son’s freshman year of high school had nothing to do with reading, writing or college application résumé-building. I learned the art of the carpool line. Up until this past year, my sons had walked to school right down the street. As a result, I had never sat in an endless line of cars at pickup or drop-off. I had never witness the madness firsthand of late kids, stressed parents and bad driving behavior.

Songs for Nights on Fair Oaks

Songs for Nights on Fair Oaks

The joy of driving down Fair Oaks at night is something only longtime locals can understand. It’s just so satisfying. Compared to the rush-hour traffic that has become mind-boggling the past few years, the nighttime free-for-all is a moment of peace. It sounds completely silly, but it is very calming to hit all the right […]


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