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Joe Rohde, Imagineer

Joe Rohde, Imagineer

Altadenan Joe Rohde is an Imagineer – which means he designs theme parks for Disney. Not long after graduating from Occidental College, he started out as a model maker for EPCOT back in 1980, joining a troupe of young artists and the old-timers who had worked on Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Joe’s painting skills – combined with a well-honed gift for theatrics and set design picked up from his drama-teacher mom and camera-operator dad – helped him move into the ranks of design executives…

A Taste of Art

A Taste of Art

Gale Kohl, owner of the eponymous Gale’s Restaurant on Fair Oaks, and her friends have put together a quietly remarkable fundraising night, A Taste of Art, for the past  few years. The warm and bustling restaurant is transformed overnight into an art gallery, with dozens of works for sale at eminently reasonable prices. The parking lot […]


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