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Dishcrawl Old Pasadena

Dishcrawl Old Pasadena
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The Beatles didn’t provide a soundtrack but the inaugural Dishcrawl Pasadena in May was a magical mystery food tour just the same. Nitar Lohaphaisan, the vivacious Dishcrawl Pasadena Ambassador, designed the “Old Town, New Flavors” tour to introduce the twenty-three participants to four of Old Town Pasadena’s off-the-beaten path restaurants.  Foodies purchased the $45 Dishcrawl […]

Dishcrawl Pasadena

Dishcrawl Pasadena

She realized “there were two kinds of people, the kind that savored food and the kind that cannot tell the difference between Kobe beef and boiled cabbage.” She (a different “she”) is a commissioned officer in the U.S. Air Force with a Masters from Stanford. Along with a head of development and “ambassadors,” they have […]


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