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Avocado Toast with Aspargus Slaw & Spicy Lemon Dressing

Avocado Toast with Aspargus Slaw & Spicy Lemon Dressing
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Growing up, my mother served us avocado on toast with Italian dressing as a breakfast side or snack. This was a favorite of mine, especially when the avocados came from my Aunt Lydia’s tree across town. So to see this childhood love become an actual restaurant trend is pretty cool (though you will pay $12 […]

Michelle’s Cole Slaw

Michelle’s Cole Slaw

Cabbages abound at local farmer’s markets right now. The high vitamin C and sulphur content in cabbage gives it strong detoxification properties. High in vitamins and fiber, low in cost, and dee-lish make it a winter winner at our house. This recipes forgoes the all-too-common-and-very-unhealthy ingredient of mayonnaise. Fear not! After you taste this cole […]


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