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Bowie: A Tribute

Bowie: A Tribute
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Ah, the memories. The album covers. The strange movies. The concerts. The brilliant performances. That voice. For a lifetime, we’ve been a David Bowie fan. Favorite albums: Aladdin Sane, Ashes to Ashes, Hunky Dory, Young Americans, Low. Favorite songs: Silly Boy Blue, Oh! You Pretty Things, Life on Mars, Kooks, Panic in Detroit, Sound and […]

The Old Pasadena Film Festival!

The Old Pasadena Film Festival!

Now in its third year, the Old Pasadena Film Festival is four weekends of good, free movies. You’ll find no navel-gazing indie drivel in the schedule—a stop on the art-film festival circuit this is not. Excepting the current one, every decade since 1930 is represented, from 1933’s She Done Him Wrong and I’m No Angel […]


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