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Facing the Competition

Facing the Competition
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The flavors of barbecue are said to define the palate in the cattle country of Missouri, and Kansas City will be the site of the American Culinary Federation’s 2014 National Convention where—as the winner of Western Region competition—Pasadena’s Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Student Team will vie for top honors against their Central, Northeast, and Southeast […]

Team Le Cordon-Bleu

Team Le Cordon-Bleu

For five days the Los Angeles Le Cordon-Bleu, American Culinary Student Team will attend hands-on workshops, leadership meetings, lectures, tastings, have time to network, and, oh yes, compete. The American Culinary Federation Western Regional Conference competition will be held in Oakland on March 1st through 5th. Le Cordon-Bleu Los Angeles, with its school located on […]


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