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Living Off the Money Grid

Living Off the Money Grid
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Maybe it’s the closet anarcho-syndicalist in us, but this tagline from has our interest piqued: “Twelve years ago, Daniel Suelo left his life savings in a phone booth and walked away; since then he’s lived happily and successfully without money, credit, barter or government subsidies.” There’s more, about our materialist culture, obsession with stuff, […]

KPCC: Relationships in the Age of Social Media

KPCC: Relationships in the Age of Social Media

Relationships are hard. Does social media make them harder? A panel this week at KPCC’s community event space, the Crawford Famiyl Forum, explores just that: “the rules of romantic (dis)engagement in the blog/vlog/Facebook/Twitter era.” A confusing subject indeed, and one that the three panelists will shed some light on for you baffled lovers gazing longingly […]

Journalists: Vultures or Not Vultures?

KPCC has a lot of free, nifty public programming at their (nearly) brand new auditorium, the Crawford Family Forum. This next Tuesday (the 6th), for example, they’re having a talk about whether or not journalists are, in fact, vultures. Specifically, whether their news coverage of Southern California’s frequent disasters, natural and otherwise, is vulture-like. Exploitative, […]

When Worlds Collide, a Free Film Screening

When Worlds Collide, a Free Film Screening

The 16th century meeting of the civilizations of Europe and the Americas is one of the most influential periods in the history of the modern world. The processes set in motion by the “Contact” have shaped, and will continue to shape, the lives of countless people. As with so much else in the popular imagination, […]


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