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Barbed Needles and Fluffy Wool

Barbed Needles and Fluffy Wool
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When the phrase “barbed needles” is bandied about, we cringe then retreat into a defensive stance. “Barbed” flashes us back to Steve McQueen caught in barbed wire after being tossed from his motorcycle while Nazis advance in the 1963 classic The Great Escape. But in this instance, barbed is a good thing. Barbed needles are […]

The Pink Parlour Festival

The Pink Parlour Festival

Personally, I’m always trying to start my own crafty business. So far my attempts have failed. Here at The Pink Parlour Festival are dozens of women who make their livelihood crafting and generally being awesome. I want to support them because I want to be like them. This yearly festival has a ton of followers. […]


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