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Walker Hayes at the Levitt

Walker Hayes at the Levitt
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For week nine (week nine! What happened to weeks one through eight? How is it already mid-August?) at the Levitt, we’d like to shine a little light on Walker Hayes, who plays on Sunday. Those boyish good looks are a little funny looking, if you ask us, but he’s a big up-and-comer in the country […]

Katy Moffatt at Caltech

Katy Moffatt at Caltech

Country music gets a bad rap. If you like country, depending on who your friends are, you are either a) quite accustomed to defending the genre, or b) thinking, who doesn’t like country? Lots of people. I myself am not crazy about it, with some exceptions. Katy Moffatt, we hope, might number among them. The […]


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