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South Pas Folks: Free Mulch & Compost

South Pas Folks: Free Mulch & Compost
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Need to protect your soil? How about some free mulch? Could your soil need a nutrient boost? How about some free compost? The City of South Pasadena, in partnership with Athens Services and TruGreen Landscape, are hosting a free mulch and compost giveaway for South Pasadena residents on Saturday, June 22nd. If you’ve got containers, […]

Free Composting Workshop

Free Composting Workshop

Composting is no longer just for hippies and enthusiastic gardeners. This Saturday, for┬áthose seeking to turn banana peels into healthy soil or simply rid trash bins of hovering fruit flies, check out the composting workshop held at the Eaton Canyon Nature Center. Sponsored by the Pasadena Public Works Department, this free tutorial will teach residents […]


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