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Farm-to-Table: It’s a Feast!

Farm-to-Table: It’s a Feast!
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Jeffrey Haines, Tim Guiltinan, Alexandra Poer Sheridan, Gale Kohl, Lalo Sanchez, and Claud Beltran. The Raymond, Alexandra’s Table, Gale’s, Crossings, and Claud & Co Eatery. Pan seared wild sea bass. Vegetable and feta torte. Homemade gnocchi with rosemary pork ragu. Fried chicken on a chive waffle with spicy maple butter sauce. Top chefs, top restaurants, […]

Claud & Co. Eatery

Claud & Co. Eatery

Noir Food & Wine. Claud & Co. Catering. Why another endeavor? Why Claud & Co. Eatery? “Because I’m crazy,” Chef Claud Beltran replies matter-of-factly. He smiles. “It was either that or make it into a storage room for the catering company. So, why not?” We ask more questions. He answers easily, looks relaxed, not making […]


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