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Institute for Domestic Techology

Institute for Domestic Techology

Hometown Pasadena colleague Joseph Shuldiner (art director of Celebrating with Julienne and EAT: Los Angeles as well as an accomplished cook) has launched the Institute of Domestic Technology, a lighthearted yet dead-serious organization for food lovers who want to go beyond shopping farmers’ markets and eating at the latest hot restaurant. In August he held his […]

Anne-Elizabeth Sobieski, Painter

Anne-Elizabeth Sobieski, Painter

It is always uplifting to get to know someone who is spending her life pursuing work that gives her great pleasure, and so I was greatly inspired after meeting Pasadena native and artist Anne-Elizabeth Sobieski. I sat down with this cheerful painter, teacher, and student to talk about her nearly 20-year love of painting and the […]


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