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Seeking Japchae

Seeking Japchae
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Although japchae sounds like a term that should be avoided in polite conversation, it is in fact a Korean dish of glass noodles made from sweet potatoes, roasted vegetables and, oftentimes, rice or meat cooked in sesame oil. The Pasadena area has a number of establishments that include japchae, and each one does it in […]

Gaon Authentic Korean BBQ Restaurant

Gaon Authentic Korean BBQ Restaurant

I’m no authority on Korean food, but usually the words “Korean BBQ” entail a table-top grill on which customers cook their own meats—an ingenious form of culinary outsourcing. Gaon has no such grills, though one dish was served on a sizzling hot plate set over a dish of flammable pink jelly. But no temperature dials, […]


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