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The Reality of Camino Real

The Reality of Camino Real
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A confined, claustrophobic place filled with desperate people controlled by a despotic ruler. The latest urban Middle East protest? No—an early 1950s work by Tennessee Williams, rarely produced, atypical (think Dante, not Stanley Kowalski) and now strangely relevant: Camino Real. The Theatre @ Boston Court could not have predicted the resonance of its current production […]

Camino Real at Boston Court

Camino Real at Boston Court

Before choking to death on an eye-drop bottle cap (which he supposedly kept under his tongue while administering eye-drops), Tennessee Williams wrote a great many plays. None of them are as surprising, perhaps, as Camino Real, in which 40+ characters (including Don Quixote, Lord Byron, and Esmeralda) mingle in the plaza of a walled-in desert […]


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