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Almost Heaven, Pasadena

Almost Heaven, Pasadena

Pasadena now has more historic districts than Hollywood has marijuana dispensaries, but it all started with Bungalow Heaven, Pasadena’s first Landmark District and a recent addition to the National Register of Historic Places. Bungalow junkies, whose numbers are legion, clear their calendars in April to be ready for the annual Bungalow Heaven home tour, which […]

Tour Heaven for Bungalow Lovers

Tour Heaven for Bungalow Lovers

It’s a heavenly time of year in Pasadena, with flowers blazing, sun shining — and homes opening for tours in Bungalow Heaven. That’s right, Pasadena’s most desirable middle-class neighborhood, where yuppies fuss over modest early 1900s houses like they were priceless Ming vases, is hosting its annual tour this weekend.


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