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In a Word, Hillary & Clinton

In a Word, Hillary & Clinton

A so-called “on-the-road comedy with a jazz soul” is called Mad Beat Hip & Gone. (Do we need to be trippin’ to understand that title?) Your Name Will Follow You Home has such elements as Charlie Chaplin, the House Committee on Un-American Activities, 50’s B-monster movies, and “fake” Latinos. Greek myth meetsĀ East L.A. in Mojada: […]

From Disney to Pluto

From Disney to Pluto

“In the immediate wake of a local school shooting, single mother Elizabeth Miller and her college-age son Bailey struggle to communicate while also contending with aggressive household appliances, the odd new family pet, a forceful crowd threatening to invade their kitchen, and a tree that’s crashed through the ceiling.” Like, an angry fridge? Or a […]


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