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The Perilous Streets of Pasadena

The Perilous Streets of Pasadena
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The mission of the wonderfully named Parson’s Nose Productions is to introduce “classic theater to family audiences,” through original one-hour adaptations of dramatic masterpieces. These staged readings are designed to be both smart enough for grownups and boisterous enough for kids. They used to put on shows at Jameson Brown Coffee Roasters, but have recently […]

A Noise-y Groundbreaking

A Noise-y Groundbreaking

Normally we’d do whatever it takes to not stand in the hot sun in East Pasadena on a Tuesday morning when there’s work to be done, but on this particular hot Tuesday morning, we made an exception. It was the groundbreaking ceremony for A Noise Within, which is moving from its 19-year home in Glendale […]


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