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Erasing Hate: A Documentary at All Saints

Erasing Hate: A Documentary at All Saints
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Bryon Widner was a skinhead. Like many skinheads, Bryon was (the operative word) covered with tattoos, including on his face. One day—at a white supremacist rally—he met Julie. They were each other’s way out of the violence, hypocrisy, and hatred of the white power movement. Bill Brummel, a filmmaker and All Saints parishioner, chronicles two […]

All Saints Hosts “Bullied”

All Saints Hosts “Bullied”

As the recent matters of LGBT youth bullying splash across newspaper headlines, leaders, activists, and artists across the nation are utilizing political and creative forces to combat the abuse. And many have already made strong moves. Major cities have hosted rallies against homophobic bullying, while individuals, celebrities, and companies have created nationally popular support memes […]


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