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Le Mieux: It’s the Serum

Le Mieux: It’s the Serum
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We Googled peptides and were redirected to Wikipedia (naturally). Reading the definition for peptides, we recognized the words “biological, molecules, bond, and amino acid. We did not recognize the words oligomer, polysaccharides, amyloid beta, or every third word. Luckily, we found a site that broke it down: peptides are proteins. They are natural or synthetic. Most peptides […]

LATHER for Pas. Community Gardens

LATHER for Pas. Community Gardens

It’s going to be “an indoor garden party”… …in the skin care aisle. LATHER is a brand that takes “a holistic approach to skin care” and a company that looks for “opportunities to give back to the community.” Pasadena-based beauty entrepreneur Emilie Davidson—serious migraine sufferer since childhood—grew up ultra-sensitive to her surroundings, especially the chemicals […]


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