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Britten’s “The Company of Heaven”

Britten’s “The Company of Heaven”
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The subject is angels. The timing is to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the inaugural broadcast. The piece is Benjamin Britten’s choral work “The Company of Heaven,” which shall be performed this Saturday, September 29th, at the Pasadena Presbyterian Church. Britten was known for not only operatic works, but symphonies, instrumental works and “a large […]

Primates in Hi-Def

Primates in Hi-Def

Seventy Cameramen. Fifty countries. Four years. As many of you may already know, the BBC and Discovery Channel have co-produced a high-definition series called Life, a successor to Planet Earth. One episode in that series, Life: Primates, shall have a screening at Caltech on Saturday, February 11th. The documentary explores the “intelligence, adaptability, and resourcefulness that have enabled primates to thrive […]


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