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Mainstreaming the Muse

Mainstreaming the Muse
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Mainstreaming the Muse by Walter Askin To be an artist is to engage in the wonderfully fulfilling, dangerous, and intensively social act of creating images and propositions as we search for visual ideas resonant with emerging beliefs and values. It is a privilege, a joy, a delight, and quite often a dire necessity to be […]

Pasadena ArtNight: Finding Walter

Pasadena ArtNight: Finding Walter

Walter Askin invites us into his home, into his gallery, into his workspace with the gentlest of smiles, voice, and…essence? His movements aren’t slow, they’re just relaxed in a measured way, a bit like how he speaks. And he speaks a lot. His voice soothing, his humor slid in like a secret note being passed […]


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