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Sasha Vom Dorp: Prequel

Sasha Vom Dorp: Prequel
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It may look like CG, but according to artist Sasha vom Dorp, his work is “good ol’ fashioned photography. Sound, sunlight, and H2O.” Vom Dorp writes: I’ve made these photographs to better know my place in the universe.… I’ve built a machine in an attempt to observe elemental transactions. I’ve created a mechanical solution to […]

Silent Communication at Linus

Silent Communication at Linus

Blurring the lines of artistic success and focusing on the artistic passion—that is the goal. Silent Communication is the latest exhibit at Linnea Lenkus’ Linues Galleries, with an opening reception Friday, October 4th. The evening will feature a live art demo by Southern California watercolorist Tina Dille and show works by Northern California painters Stanislav Groz and Doug […]


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