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Self-Guided Tours, the Arts, and You

Self-Guided Tours, the Arts, and You
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Hard times, like the ones we’re in now, are often extra hard for artists, who are usually among the last professional communities to find any evidence of “recovery” in their pockets — which is why the Arroyo Arts Collective’s 17th annual self-guided tour of artists’ studios and homes has been dubbed “The Recovery Discovery Tour.” On […]

Art Along the Arroyo

Art Along the Arroyo

If you’re still relying on your old edition of Hometown Pasadena, here’s just one example of why you need to upgrade to the 2009.2010 edition: A new piece by Susan Futterman exploring the roots of the artistic community that developed along the Arroyo Seco in the late nineteenth century. Look for an exhibit on Frances […]


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