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Amy’s Own – a Review

Amy’s Own – a Review
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How does one find one’s center? Learn to love? Grow up? BE a good mother? BE a loving wife? How does one love a mother “on the warpath”? Amy’s Own is a wild and crazy road trip of a novel by Kat Ward. In the ins and outs, back and forth of Charlene and Amy’s […]

Love Constitute

Love Constitute

  Love Constitute (serves 2) 1/4 pound Basic Lust 1/3 cup Infatuation 5-6 chunks of Total Joy Equal pinch of Want & Need 6 heaping tablespoons of Unrealistic Expectations Essence of Blind Devotion Layers of Denial Sprinkling of Fairy Dust (optional) Add each ingredient sequentially. Mix thoroughly. Cover and let rise in a heated environment. […]


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