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Beyond the Tiger Mother

Beyond the Tiger Mother

Yes, yes, we all know about Tigers Moms, thanks to Amy Chua and the Wall Street Journal. If you’re like me, you like the idea of having an Animal Mom Persona, but the Tiger Mom is simply not your style. Maybe you couldn’t care less about your child’s string instrument mastery. No worries, the animal kingdom is full of maternal role models that can be exploited for your own personal PR boondoggle. Choose one from the list below and start your own controversial parenting cult.

The Most Controversial Mom in America

The Most Controversial Mom in America

We’ll give Amy Chua credit where it’s due: This woman knows how to sell books. She is now professing a certain degree of astonishment at the virtriolic comments being made about her new memoir, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, but for pete’s sake, she’s a Harvard-educated Yale professor—she knew darn well that her tales […]


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