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A Pinch of Hamlet, A Bite of Twelfth Night…

A Pinch of Hamlet, A Bite of Twelfth Night…
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Sunday, late afternoon, and Mountain View Mausoleum in Altadena stands regal against the backdrop of crystal clear mountains. This was the incredible location of the second fundraiser for LitFest Pasadena, the city’s upcoming entrance into the world of book festivals to be held on Saturday, March 17th, in Central Park. Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard joined the […]

Red Rosie, the Doo Dah Queen

Red Rosie, the Doo Dah Queen

Rosie Schoen, aka Red Rosie, is a 17-year-old actress, vintage movie and clothing buff, and the 2011 Doo Dah Queen. Tall, thin, brunette and gorgeous, she’s an Alverno High School junior whose favorite class is AP U.S. History. I’ve known her since she was in diapers, and I have always been struck by her sense […]


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