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Note Left on the Bedpost

Note Left on the Bedpost
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Note Left on the Bedpost  For My Ordinary Icarus By Lynne Thompson   From more than my balcony, you leap—patchouli in air, hymn like a wheel, a fiction turned hurricane on an atoll. You are ever-young, hair slicked from your temples. You are color and no color and a pyre and more harming than harmed. […]

Fitzpatrick & Constantine at Alta-L.A.

Fitzpatrick & Constantine at Alta-L.A.

Thursday is the 3rd and final Alta-L.A., the poetry series hosted by Altadena Library’s Poet Laureate. The evening features Pasadena poet Mary Fitzpatrick who has been featured in the Atlantic Review, North American Review, and has been published in numerous journals such as The Georgetown Review, ASKEW, Agenda (UK), and The Dos Passos Review. She […]


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