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Cookbook Exchange at the Altadena Urban Farmers Market

Cookbook Exchange at the Altadena Urban Farmers Market
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It turns out Altadena, to the surprise of almost no-one, is full of backyard farmers—especially backyard chicken farmers. Last month, these industrious suburban homesteaders gathered at the Zane Grey Estate to sell their produce at an “underground” (because held on private land) farmers’ market. We didn’t write about it then because we didn’t want to […]

Water-wise Workshop

Water-wise Workshop

It’s pretty clear that our days of pretending that L.A. is anything but a Mediterranean-like desert are over, and our gardens are all going to have to live with less water. Few communities have more beautiful home gardens than Altadena, which is why Altadena Heritage is taking the lead to offer a hands-on workshop on […]


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