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It’s Time to Go Jackalope

It’s Time to Go Jackalope
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Jackalope Arts has taken a hold in Pasadena and committed to the long haul. At the beginning of 2015, Sara Vausbinder, Laura Fischer, and Melissa Shipley decided to leave their jobs and create art-centered events. Now, most folks would start slowly, build each event slowly year by year—don’t bite off too much too quickly—but no. Right out […]

Art & Coffee “On The Menu” at Europane

Art & Coffee “On The Menu” at Europane

Avi Roth has trademarked the word “coffeegraph,” which is described as “the process of applying coffee grinds and coffee by-products as organic pigment without a binder to solid and porous surfaces by way of staining, layering, and water burning.” Coffeegraph® and other mediums of art are on exhibit at the original Euro Pane just east […]


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