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Art Center PAGES

Art Center PAGES
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A set of books, all copies of The Secret Garden, bound in different colors, are opened to an oval cutout, inside of which are layered, detailed, exquisite gardens in different palettes (Susan Sironi). A sea of paper is somehow attached to the wall, pages upon pages upon pages, voluminous, overflowing, massive, moving though not moving (Echiko […]

Mystery History No. 6

Mystery History No. 6

Where are we? And what’s happening? In this 1932 photo, Dr. E=mc2 himself, Albert Einstein, and his wife Elsa are given a huge send-off as they prepare to leave Pasadena after one of their sojourns here.     Here’s a more revealing shot: I did screen captures from a historic video that you’ll find here. In the early […]


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Colorado Street Bridge Party

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