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By Popular Demand: Happy Hour Extended!

By Popular Demand: Happy Hour Extended!
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Twenty restaurants, lounges, and bars. Jazz fusion, French chanson, and stride piano of Montemarte and Harlem. Martinis, beers, and saki bombs for $1-3. Empanadas, saffron clams, truffled mac and cheese for $2-7. Fourteen Days. What is all this, you ask? This would be the 2nd Old Pasadena’s Happy Hour Week, extended this year to two weeks […]

a/k/a, An American Bistro

a/k/a, An American Bistro

Can a restaurant that serves pork and beans, a pulled pork sandwich and a Reuben be called a bistro? What, in this day and age, is a bistro, anyway? Snark: a gastropub without much on tap. By that criterion alone, a/k/a is a bistro—only six droughts, though all come from respectable California craft breweries. Then […]


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