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Beginning Again

Beginning Again
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“Girls, make your life a dance!” our Orange High School PE teacher, Mrs. Weatherill, would exhort us. She of the black tights, the blacker ponytail, the Kathyrn Crosby demi-curl bang, a big apostrophe resting on the right side of her forehead. Smartly keeping time, Mrs. Weatherill beat a hand-held drum and dispatched us in choreographed […]

Back to (Adult) School

Back to (Adult) School

  Yeah, there’s a $2 convenience charge for registering online. So worth it! Monrovia Community Adult Ed makes it easy and affordable for the over-18 set to learn new stuff, like computer programming, sewing, cake decorating, model fabrication or workplace Spanish. Classes are held two nights a week, and for most classes, you get 18 […]


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