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Ghost Theaters on Colorado Blvd. (Part 3)

Ghost Theaters on Colorado Blvd. (Part 3)
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It’s been awhile since we last looked at Colorado Boulevard’s “ghost theaters”—marquees and other relics along the street; skeletal reminders of Pasadena’s once-glorious picture palaces. In part 3 of our ongoing series, we examine the stories behind three more of these vanished movie houses. Tower Theater (1930-1952) – 114 E. Colorado Blvd. A parking lot […]

We’re Thankful For…

We’re Thankful For…

We at Hometown Pasadena talked amongst ourselves about what we’re thankful for here, and we wanted to share our short list for the Thanksgiving holiday. Here’s one hometown thing each of us is thankful for — except that some of us just couldn’t keep it to one thing. Mel Malmberg: The way Pasadena fosters community. […]


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