Sep 1, 2010

Thanks to Zinnia, we may never have to set foot in the dreaded Michael’s again. This is a craft store with personality, flair and whimsy, staffed by people who are obsessed with this stuff. Owner Tamara says this store looks like the inside of her brain, which is either a thrilling or frightening statement, depending on how you feel about things like old buttons. dog tags and rubber stamps. Heaven for collagers, book alterers, decopagers and the wildly creative. Great classes, too.

Staples: Vintage beads, buttons, poker chips. charms, odd metal bits and door hardware, along with more mainstream craft items like pipe cleaners, gorgeous papers and scrapbooking essentials.

Don’t Miss: The sock critters, cocktail monkeys and amazing button collection.

We Like: The supplies for making your own little tin houses.

Crafts | 1024 Mission St., South Pasadena | 626.441.2181

Jan. 7, 2015:
Editor’s note: Since this post was published, the store has closed, though Zinnia may be found online at

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  1. Colleen Dunn Bates says:

    We got lots of comments about Zinnia on our Facebook page… check it out



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