Jul 7, 2011

therapy scarves 300x345 Therapy Theory shopping Pasadena Joie Elizabethandjames Diane von Furstenburg Cynthia Vincent boutique  photoAlways current, Therapy offers an effortless stream of brands that are modern classics. The customer ranges from 18 to 50+, and they’re all able to satisfy their latest craving without having to give into a flighty fad. Brands like Diane von Furstenburg, Joie, Theory, Elizabeth and James, and Cynthia Vincent appeal to the chic. Pick up a chunky sweater, summer sandals or an evening dress for the opera or a wedding. Pricess are up there, but your purchase is sure to stay at the top of your wardrobe’s rotation for some time.

Staples: Tops, sweaters, jeans and dresses that are sophisticated and assured.

Don’t Miss: Hanky Panky thongs at the wrap stand. Great for gifts, one size fits all.

We Like: The comfy seats and magazine selection for your shopping buddy to relax while you try on clothes.

Women’s Clothing | Paseo Colorado, 316 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena | 626-568-9905

1 Response for “Therapy”

  1. Jay Banks says:

    I was lucky to run into the store when trying to get something for my wife and I’d say I couldn’t have gone wrong whatever I chose.



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